Company Dossier (PDF)
Company Dossier (PDF)

Foam inserts for professional cases

We manufacture and distribute foam with customisable shapes and colours for professional cases, boxes and trunks in a wide variety of applications. We use high-density polyurethane and polyethylene foam inserts to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency in all our designs. Furthermore, we supply custom-made cases with foam inserts for protective packaging and display of parts and units as an added value to our product.

Maleta con aparatos móviles dentro de la espuma


Keep high-value, high-cost items safe from impacts due to bumps or falls. Transport all kinds of tools, technological systems or delicate medical equipment in perfect safety thanks to carry cases filled with high-quality, certified black foam inserts that provides precision immobilisation for all pieces.


We are committed to practicality and order by means of exclusive designs fully adapted to your protective packaging and product. Optimise the space in your case and cover all your needs for transporting fragile equipment by foam inserts with custom dimensions, geometry and finishes.


Select the colour of the foam insert material to match your company’s corporate identity. In addition to the shapes, you can customise the interior with your own design using foam inserts available in various colours to make the receptacle into an extension of your brand.

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