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Cases for pre-cut foam interiors: manufacturing in four steps

In addition to pre-cut or die-cut high-density customised polyurethane or polyethylene foam, here at TechCaseFoam we design, manufacture and distribute comprehensive, 100% customised solutions in box, case and security trunk formats for the transport of tooling parts, professional equipment and high-value articles.

We know that you work against the clock to fulfil the expectations of your most demanding customers which is why we design and produce the case you need here at TechCaseFoam to the highest professional standards and precision. Our die-cut foam design process is highly-efficient and our lead times will surprise you.

Ordering and custom manufacturing process


Select your pieces

Send us a sample of the pieces or unit you want to carry in the die-cut foam insert.


Select the case

Tell us which case suits your needs best in terms of shape, dimensions and accessories and the number of units you need.


Choose the foam colour

Tell us what colour you prefer from the available range. We can adapt the foam to your company logo or corporate image.


We take care of the engineering

Once the design is finished we will send you the ideal prototype to meet your expectations and begin manufacturing the moment you approve it.

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All our experience and technology within your reach

Here at TechCaseFoam our mission is to make life easier for our customers. That is why we make our accessible, practical and fully customised design and manufacturing process available to them. You will be able to inspect not only the final product, but also the project development phases of your new case and its pre-cut foam insert.

To sum up, our job includes accompanying our customers through the four steps prior to the final order of the custom-made pre-cut foam inserts and cases, counselling them in the decision-making process by sending samples of pieces, drawings, the available recipients (box, sleeve or carry case) to make the development stage simpler, more streamlined and faster.