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Die-cut foam

We manufacture and supply die-cut or pre-cut protective foam for insertion into cases, trunks and safes: high-density polyurethane and polyethylene foam designed for the safe transport of expensive pieces, components and equipment for a wide variety of professional applications.

Regardless of the complexity, we have the capacity to adapt all our technical foams and replacement components for immobilising and packaging to the measurements and shapes specified by the customer.

  • Great damping capacity against vibration, bumps, falls and compression
  • Protection against corrosion and electrostatic discharge
  • Durable (long service life without deformation)
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Can be die-cut into complex shapes
  • Effective thermal insulation
  • Available in various colours
  • Product approved and certified in compliance with regulations

Technical foams for tailor-made packaging

We adapt the design of the pre-cut foam to the customer’s needs on the basis of four fundamental aspects: the features of the piece or product to be protected, the type of outer cover or container involved, the transport, storage and logistics requirements and – thanks to the option of choosing between polyurethane foam of various colours apart from black – the corporate image.

If you are wondering where to buy tailor-made customisable die-cut foam, you have come to the right place.

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Die-cut foam: a technical solution that optimises your packaging

The possible applications of die-cut or pre- cut foam inserts for cases and boxes are practically endless. We obtain the required measurements and shapes without sacrificing total securing and immobilization of the pieces thanks to the special features of this type of technical packaging and our design and manufacturing capacity. Die-cut foam adapts to an endless variety of uses, but the most common are protection of industrial products and organisation of tools.

Our engineering department specialises in designing technical packaging solutions in polyethylene and polyurethane foam to provide the customer with the most suitable design not only in terms of safety, immobilisation, accessibility and functionality, but also of space-saving. We convert each pre- cut foam insert into a safety device that exemplifies efficient harnessing of resources.

However, black foam, apart from a valuable resource for uses such as tool-box inserts, has become an essential safety item when transporting extremely delicate and expensive equipment such as medical apparatus, I.T. equipment, photographic optical devices, high-tech drones and even airsoft accessories and service firearms. The features of die-cut foam in any of its forms – plates, trays, spacers, etc. – endow it with unique properties as protection against damage arising from the carriage and handling of this kind of professional equipment.