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Foam inserts for airsoft guns

Maletín con airsoft

Use technical die-cut foam inserts as the best protection system if you want your set of cases, boxes or trunks for transporting your airsoft guns to be really suitable and effective.

Foam inserts are the perfect ally for the transport and care of airsoft guns due to the inherent properties of the material. In addition to being light, polyurethane or polyethylene foam provides great moulding versatility to obtain the shapes that meet the customer’s needs. We work with fully-customised, extremely robust foam plates that ensure the total support of the equipment while protecting it from impacts, falls or adverse weather conditions.

Here at TechCaseFoam we also supply integrated solutions to all your storage and transport needs: rigid padded airsoft cases with safety locks, wheels and extendable handles in various sizes and with different features, the perfect solution for those who want an airsoft gun case with high-performance pre-cut or die-cut technical foam.

In short, efficient, convenient cases for both professional and amateur airsoft practitioners who want the perfect protection in their gun case: handgun case, heavy-duty rifle case, rigid rifle case, sport shooting accessories, gun case for hunting accessories, etc.

Features and advantages of foam inserts:

  • High density polyurethane or polyethylene foam
  • Adapt to the shape and volume of the box
  • Adapt to the number of pieces to be protected
  • Can be die-cut into complex shapes
  • Optimisation of space
  • Strength
  • Damping against vibrations, shocks, falls and compressions
  • Protection against corrosion and electrostatic discharge
  • Durable (long service life without deformation)
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Light
  • Effective thermal insulation
  • Available in various colours
  • Product approved and certified in compliance with regulations

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