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Cases with foam inserts

TechCaseFoam pre-cut or die-cut foam inserts for cases and boxes make totally safe, convenient transport of expensive pieces, objects and equipment easy.

All our professional cases, designed especially for the protection of tools and technical equipment, are composed of a high-density plastic casing and a protective pre- cut foam insert. The polyurethane or polyethylene insert is 100% customisable in size, shape and colour.

Measurement table

We stock a wide range of pre-cut foam cases for pre-cut foam inserts in order to make it easier for the customer to choose the one that best suits their needs depending on the measurements (interior, exterior, depth, capacity) and the transport options (wheels and/or the telescopic handle as accessories).




All dimensions are in mm.

Article Interior Dim. (AxAxP) Exterior Dim (AxAxP) Inside depth (base/lid)
1908 190x125x85 216x180x102 20/65
1913 190x125x135 216x180x152 20/115
2209 220x160x95 246x215x112 20/75
2214 220x160x145 246x215x162 20/125
2712 276x200x120 305x270x144 35/85
2717 276x200x170 305x270x194 135/35
3005 300x210x58 326x269x75 20/38
3317 330x234x170 360x304x194 68/102
3317W 330x350x170 360x420x194 68/102
3818 380x270x180 410x340x205 45/135
4209 420x300x95 457x367x118 60/35
4216 420x300x160 457x367x183 125/35
4412 445x345x125 474x415x149 47/78
4419 445x345x190 474x415x214 47/143
4820 480x370x205 520x435x230 50/155
5117 517x277x173 546x347x197 50/123
5122 517x277x217 546x347x247 50/167
5218 520x285x180 550x350x200 30/150
5221 520x285x205 550x350x225 55/150
5140 516x296x402 581x381x455
5325 538x405x250 607x475x275 60/190
5326 538x405x250 627x475x292 60/190
5822 580x440x220 650x510x245 60/160
5823 580x440x220 670x510x262 60/160
5833 580x400x330 670x510x372 60/270
7630 765x485x305 860x560x355 60/245
7641 765x485x415 860x560x460 60/355
7726 770x580x265 836x641x304 90/175
7745 770x580x450 836x641x489 90/360
7814 780x350x145 846x427x167 42/103
9413 939x352x137 989x415x157 43/94
9433 936x350x330 1009x412x354 42/288
10826 1080x620x260 1178x725x287 60/200
10840 1080x620x400 1178x718x427 200/200
11413 1136x350x135 1189x415x159 42/93
13513 1350x350x135 1430x415x159 42/93
13527 1350x350x272 143x415x296 42/230
15416 1540x377x160 1629x456x183 42/118



All dimensions are in mm.

Article Interior Dim. (AxAxP) Exterior Dim. (AxAxP) Inside depth (base/lid)
TECH157082041 157x82x41 175x115x47 12/29
TECH212140047 212x140x47 230x175x53 14/33
TECH316195053 316x195x53 350x230x59 16/37
TECH316195081 316x195x81 350x230x86 16/65
TECH235180106 235x180x106 258x243x117,5 25/81
TECH235180156 235x180x156 258x243x167,5 25/131
TECH300225132 300x225x132 336x300x148 33/99
TECH380270115 380x270x115 414x345x129 36/79
TECH380270160 380x270x160 414x345x174 36/124
TECH400230260 400x230x260 456x290x318 47,5/212,5
TECH426290159 426x290x159 464x366x176 45/114
TECH465335125 465x335x125 502x415x141 40/85
TECH465335220 465x335x220 502x415x246 40/180
TECH500350194 500x350x194 555x428x211 58/136
TECH500350280 500x350x280 555x428x306 58/222
TECH520290200 520x290x200 574x361x225 45/155
TECH538405190 538x405x190 594x473x215 50/140
TECH538405245 538x405x245 594x473x270 50/195
TECH620460250 620x460x250 687x528x276 60/190
TECH620460340 620x460x340 687x528x366 60/280
TECH750480280 750x480x280 816x540x306 60/220
TECH750480400 750x480x400 816x540x426. 60/340
TECH820600450 820x600x450. 880x660x483 70/380
TECH800370140 800x370x140 850x440x158 45/95
TECH110370140 1100x370x140 1177x450x158 45/95

If none of these models suits your needs we will create a new design that does.

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Cases with pre-cut foam inserts: safety inside and out

Thanks to the combination of two concepts, TechCaseFoam made-to-measure briefcases with pre-cut foam inserts combine the benefits of die-cut foam with a robust, durable, lightweight and fully tailor-made high-strength plastic housing with reinforced closures.

An innovative engineering department, constant commitment to quality materials and a cutting-edge manufacturing system enable us to obtain strong, extremely safe cases for all types of clients (tool makers, manufacturers of electronic or I.T. components, self-employed professionals, medical personnel, independent photographers, etc.) and a wide variety of applications.

This means that TechCaseFoam is much more than a manufacturer and distributor of foam to organise tools. We provide integrated solutions to clients who demand quality products as varied as a professional tool case, a photographic case or a medical case..